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nuns in a past life: scrambled tofu

i don’t often think of death but it really puts a shine on life. thinking of yourself in the future and continuing on to your last days and wishing yourself well is a lovely thing to think about really.  and drawing your last breath!  and feeling calm. and loved. and loving.  


a few thoughts that have come up in recent past. they’re jumbled up and in no particular order, chronological or of importance.

i’m going to eat fruit for breakfast and raw vegetables for lunch over the next few days, and i’m going to be one happy roly poly.

i would be happy working in a kitchen…

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full m00n

i was looking up at the moon as i walking back from a fantastic ‘lengthening’ focussed yoga class led by my fav teacher and i started reaaallly looking.  not just at the big ghostly galleon itself, but also all around.  i was trying to picture how the earth was positioned between the sun and the moon in that instant and a wave of shock and awe and nausea slowly crashed over me—my feet walking on the surface of the planet spinning around as we fell around the sun was suddenly just all so much.  i remember about a year ago i was taking one of my regular evening walks on the beach and as i turned around to walk back the other way, i saw the full moon, just huge! and yellow, rising out of the ocean and i just began to weep!  i wish our calendar was more oriented around the moon—like the zen buddhists, but hey, i can have my own calendar, right!?  chyyea.  The Moon is of central importance to IQ84 which i am reading right now and so i get to think about the moon in haruki murakami world a lot! which is just so great.  I love the idea that haruki put in my head (via Tengo thinking of a plausible relationship Aomame might have with the moon)  of confiding in the solitary, taciturn rock hanging in the sky..the moon understands yin and yang better than any’one’ else i think—we all have our light and our shadow.  confiding in the moon is my new practice—it will allow me to open up to my own feelings and thoughts and get any “weights off my chest” my good friend allison (from my environmental science internship) used to ask me daily, “katy, give me your roses and your thorns” lately, i just have a lot of roses.  rosy glasses and i don’t wanna take them off. i feel so grateful for the opportunity to live my wild and precious life.

Exciting!  My first hot pot was super fun!!  In the hotpot I cooked fresh spinach, cabbage, anonymous greens, a variety of mushrooms and fungus, fried tofu, seaweed, and lotus roots it was all very hot, very deelishous! and such a cool cultural experience to have with my friends.

hot pot

Refers to several East Asian varieties of stew, consisting of a simmering metal pot of stock at the center of the dining table. While the hot pot is kept simmering, ingredients (veggies! tofu!) are placed into the pot and are cooked at the table…it’s like Chinese fondue! I am going to experience my first hot pot tomorrow at my friend Carrie’s place—Stoked :D

another foggggy a.m. here! t-storms forecast too. i’m takin the bus!

just finished creating the boston creme cake ‘pybrid’ from Vegan Pie in the Sky. my 2nd pie.  brilliant recipe,its sure to freeze faces in awe of its wonderous qualities. i made it xgfx cos a postdoc that is part of our lab fam is glutenfree. wow, its beautiful and will make killa slices with the four distinct layers. im stoked to bring it over to johns house tomorrow where we are having a hangout midafternoon and just hope i can get it to his house safe and sound, the ganache is soo gorjusss right now.  i think i’ll set it in my biggest cast iron skillet for the ride over, thats sure to work, right? and no break slams. texas trucker machismo is rampant though i gotta be careful. :)
Cereal. Its whats for dinner.
homeade oat raisin bread toast, bran muffin with jam center, and granny smith. Breakfast of a champion! or instrumental analysis chem lab amateur! either one.
Just hanging out at the rec center..had a lovely yoga class and am going home to relax and watch terry gross on the colbert report :) love love
vegan pie in the sky made me do it..ohemmgeeeee i am getting all nostalgic cos i’m eating the leftover piece o pie from my first vpiTs pie from last weekend.  i didnt have a grain of sugar or AP flour in my cupboards or any dessert plates or adequate oven mitts or anything else pictured here before i got the recent book by vegan goddesses isa&terry but after reading the intro and leafing through i was SOLd on the idea that i should make my own pie& coffee parties to be less gradstudent socially challenged and put happyveganfaces on people and be a hostess and build inner confidence and such w/ skill of pie baker.  it was such a great 1st pie, too! my friends loved it.  u can see a vid from last week of my the pie bubbling outta the oven.